Paxton Automotive Marketing is excited to announce the merge of DealerKi, the national lead generator. 

This transition brings Paxton Automotive Marketing one step ahead of the competitors. 

With proven marketing strategies designed by dealers for dealers, DealerKi Lead Generator helps your dealership attract more leads, close more deals faster, and encourage more customers to return for sales, service, and their next new vehicle.

We are taking our direct mail to another level for our clients.

We are able to integrate the right tools and substantially increase the clients ROI for all dealers by doing the following:

dealerki platform includes:

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Lead Alerts
  • PURLs
  • CRM Integration
  • Social Sharing
  • Check-in App
  • Live BDC
  • Match Reports
  • Call Tracking
  • Two Way Texting
  • Lead Scoring
  • Email
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Facebook/IG Lead Form

We made a 30% increase in our test market dealerships. The opportunity to combine all the right components in one Dashboard helps to achieve higher results with less effort.

Ask your sales rep at Paxton Automotive Marketing about the following additional services:

  • Data Hygiene
  • Model Data
  • VIN Validation

Dealerki features