High-Impact Direct Mail

Booklet options

15x22 bifold


This MASSIVE four page booklet on #100 gloss card stock gives you room to showcase 20 cars. If you are looking to make the largest, boldest and hard hitting mailer. This is the one!!  A new "Peel 2 Win" instant win pull-tab. Add an LED combination box 

12x18, 8-Page Booklet


Your personal Auto Trader! Choose your size. 12x18 or 15x22. Layout up to 60 vehicles. Plenty of room to showcase, new, used and even service.

Flip Through an 8-Page Book

12x18 Bifold

This 12x18 bifold has room for 12-15 vehicles and is budget friendly. Three scratch offs are included at no additional charge! On #100 gloss text. 


  • Room for 12-15 vehicles 
  • Grand prize giveaway and a hard key
  • Three scratch-offs are included

12x15 jumbo postcard

The largest piece of mail allowed in the USPS Mail Box without folding. On #100 gloss card stock this piece makes a bold statement in the mailbox.

  • Hard key, poker chip, LED combo box, or pull tab for prizes
  • Hard embossed credit card 
  • Three scratch-offs 

Attachement Options

Choose from one of our attachments below to increase your foot traffic by an additional 1.5%

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Mailer Attachments

Hard Key

hard key mail attachment

LED combination box

LED combination box for print mail

Poker Chip

poker chip direct mail attachment

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