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From Concept to Delivery

  1. Your mail leaves the printing facility.
  2. Mail arrives and is sorted at the Sectional Center Facility (SCF), a postal facility that serves as the processing and distribution center for Post Offices in the area.
  3. Mail is delivered to Destination Delivery Unit (DDU), the local Post Office of delivery. 
  4. Your mail is then delivered to single and multi-family households. 
  5. Customers will bring mailers into your showroom to receive prizes.
  6. Customer buys a car from you based on the info in your direct mail or digital piece. 
  7. Paxton Automotive Marketing helps you track and keep data from your sale and increase your ROI by 25% to 30%.

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We provide you with high-impact automotive direct mail proven to increase foot traffic into your dealership. Click the button below to learn more about our agency.

Response rates for common campaign methods:

  • 0.9% Online Display
  • 0.6% Social Media
  • 0.5% Paid Search
  • 0.45% Email
  • 6% Direct Mail to Household

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