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Jumbo Postcards

We provide designs for the largest piece of mail allowed in a U.S. mailbox without being folded. Choose from a 12x15 postcard with a hard key, LED combo box, pull tab, or hard embossed credit card for high-end vehicles or three scratch-offs to flood your showroom with traffic.

Bifold Mailers

A 12x18 bifold magazine is a price blaster opportunity. Room for 12-15 vehicles. Add a grand prize giveaway and a hard key to drive more traffic to your events. Three scratch-offs are included.

A 15x22 massive bifold mailer on thick high-gloss card stock paper. Includes a new "Peel 2 Win" instant win pull-tab. Add an LED combination box to flood your showroom with more in-person customers. 

8-Page Mega Magazine

Your own personal auto-trader 12x18 or 15x22 style magazine. Room for up to 60 vehicles. Tremendous amount of space for low payment cars, new/used cars, service ads and anything your imagination can dream up.

Service Mailer

Drive traffic to your service department with coupon mailers. Choose from various sizes we offer.

KBB Letters & License Plate Mailer

Realistic handwritten letters, letterhead and live stamps. Variable subtraction to provide customer with what their car may be worth. Subtract from the car's sales price to show final price.

  • 8.5x11 and 8.5x14 full color with envelope
  • 8.5x11 full color score and folds to 5.5x8.5

License Plate Mailer 12x15 

  • Full color on both sides
  • Folds in half
  • Optional key 
  • Variable subtraction
  • Personalized customer name

Mailer Attachments

We offer a wide variety of attachments to entice your potential buyer to interact with the mail piece to drive high volumes of traffic directly into your showroom. 

Here are some of the choices:

  • Hard key
  • Instant win pull-tabs
  • LED combination box
  • Hard embossed credit card
  • Hologram scratch off
  • Foil die cut scratch off
  • Live stamp
  • Yellow sticky note
  • Contact us for additional attachments