rv direct mail

12x18 and 15x22 4-page magazines


4-page magazines are the most cost effective pieces that show very impressive results. Various themes and game boards are available. For even hight results, add an attachment to the game board to draw more attention to the piece in the mailbox. Drive more traffic to your RV dealership with 4-page magazines!

12x18 and 15x22 8-page magazines


8-page magazines are perfect if your goal is to deplete your RV inventory. Show off up to 60 units with floor plans. Various game boards are available, as well as attachments for additional foot traffic.

9x12 laminated postcard


This 9x12 laminated postcard comes with a holographic scratch-off. This piece is perfect to show off some RV specials as well as financial assistance vouchers or service coupons. Complement the piece with elements of DealerKI platform to increase traffic tremendously! Call in today (877) 300-1555  to learn more.

Generic RV dealer digital commercial

Here's a sample of a digital commercial for your social media channels. Support your print campaign with a digital ad.

Snowmobile Digital Commercial

We services all types of vehicles including snowmobiles!