Several programs to choose from

  1. Need to increase your new vehicle sales? 
  2. Is your used inventory low? 
  3. Looking for a specific kind of buyer? 

We have you covered. 

We have a Targeted Trade Program created for you. 

Target Your Personalization

  • Full color
  • Folds in half (12x15)
  • Optional key 
  • Variable subtraction
  • Personalized customer name
  • Gift card offers

Choose From Three Programs

targeted trade program

Targeted Trade Program

Target specific years makes and models within your market with a customized mailer. Whether it’s conquest or database driven, our clients are seeing ROIs over 300% with our KBB (or BB!) appended mailers. Ask us about our variable subtraction options that will drive more buyers into your showroom. 


Targeted Bankruptcy Program

Ch. 7 or Ch 13. 30 days, 60 days or 90 days discharged. What does your special finance team prefer? Our TBP allows you to dial into this niche of your market. In many markets, it’s untapped. Our tuned in lists along with the right personalized message ensures that you’re not missing any part of your market share. 

Targeted Credit Program

Targeted Credit Program

Is special finance your team’s strength? If so, our TCP will increase your bottom line this month by up to 15%. Let us help you target credit scores from specific zip codes within your market. With a qualified list and a customized, interactive mailer we’ll drive the prime traffic so your team can work their magic. 

Jumbo Postcard explainer

Looking for fresh ideas? Look no further than our new Jumbo Folded Postcard. We have several looks for this invite postcard mailer style.

  • Variable data 
  • Personalized
  • Gift cards inside
  • Invite letter